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PVB Film (Sound Insulation Grade)

Product introduction

                                                                           Huakai new acoustic insulation PVB film (AGH film)                    

Huakai group has introduced American technology to independently develop and produce AGH sound insulation and thermal insulation PVB film composite laminated glass with excellent selectivity to the solar spectrum, which can pass through the visible light to the maximum extent. The visible light transmission ratio Tvis can reach 80%, which can meet the highest technical requirements and regulations of 75% light transmittance for automobile front Windows in Europe. The laminated glass made of PVB film with sound insulation and heat insulation meets the highest requirement of visible light transmittance and has the greatest blocking effect on ultraviolet and infrared rays. If the transmission ratio of visible light is higher than 70% (the standard of front Windows of cars in China and most countries), it blocks 99% uv and more than 90% near-infrared, and the photothermal ratio (the transmission ratio of visible light /SHGC-- the total transmission ratio of solar energy) can reach above 1.5.


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