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About Huakai

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Huakai spirit

Honesty, pragmatism, hard work and innovation


Huakai mission

Create happiness for employees, create wealth for enterprises, and create value for the society.


Huakai vision/Huakai propaganda

Create a glorious career, play a triumphant movement. Create a century-old Huakai, build a beautiful city and countryside.


Core values of Huakai

Loyalty, dedication, unity, endeavor, harmony and win-win pursuit of excellence


Huakai concept

Business philosophy: market-oriented, quality as the fundamental, benefit as the goal.

Employment concept: let the staff who want to do have the stage, let the staff who can do have the reward, let the staff who accomplish something have the status.

Management philosophy: to unite people with emotion, to restrict people with system, to inspire people with culture.

Brand concept: first-class team to create brand, first-class management to build brand, first-class quality to build brand.


China Tony caig said

Let the loyalty take root in the enterprise, let the talent in the enterprise flash.

Self-management, self-initiative, work hard, pursuit of first-class.

Heart has the direction, shoulders have the responsibility, work together to create brilliant.

You don't do your best, you do your best.

Dare to be responsible, do not be a nice guy, adhere to the principle, not afraid of offending people.

To do simple things well every day is not simple, to do ordinary work well every day is extraordinary.