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SGP Film (Bulletproof Grade)

Product introduction

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  Huakai plastic (chongqing) co., LTD., broke the monopoly of the domestic market the SGP ion middle membrane, taking independent research and development of the line with south China science and technology set up production base, with domestic the SGP among ionic membrane (the SGP film), contains no plasticizer, the effect of combined with super white glass is more transparent, laminated glass broken after more safety performance, to realize the structural support of glass; Compared with imported brands with reasonable prices, timely delivery, service in place and other advantages.

Huakai plastic (chongqing) co., LTD is the first domestic SGP film, ionic intermediate film qualified manufacturer in China. As a result of domestic production, in price, delivery, service compared with foreign imported film, will have obvious advantages. 100,000 class dust-free workshop, with two professional SGP ionic intermediate film production lines, can produce coil/plate, the maximum width of 2700mm to ensure product quality and delivery.


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