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Good evening, everybody!

Hunchun has a smile, and firecrackers add cheers. In such a festive festival, we gather here to celebrate the arrival of the new year 2020. On this occasion, on behalf of the board of directors of Huakai Group, I extend greetings and blessings to all employees and new and old customers and friends who have always supported us. I wish you all good health and smooth work in the new year. Good luck!

In 2019, as the company's expansion phase, we are facing many difficulties. The fierce competition in the domestic and foreign trade markets has caused us to maintain strength, but all of our employees can hold each other tightly and adhere to our own ideals and Conviction, with our strong perseverance and working style that is not afraid of hardships and failure, with the support of new and old customers and friends, we still have a bumper harvest in 2019! We have over-completed our annual plan and opened the market for the company Gate, this is our victory, I am proud of all staff, and pay the highest respect to all customers and friends who support and cooperate with us!

In the new year 2020, new weather and a new journey. Our future is bright and gratifying. Spring struck the drums, and the year blew the horn! We wrote our wishes today, listened to the whistle of our career, and rushed on the runway tomorrow with the motherland! No matter how much sweat can flow, we are not afraid of blood spilling a lot, we Imprint the ideal of life today, and strive to the end!

Finally, I wish all staff and guests a Happy New Year and a happy family!


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January 12, 2020