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SGP Film (Bulletproof Grade)

Product introduction

As the bearing capacity is increased, the deflection is reduced and the glass thickness can be correspondingly reduced. It is possible to reduce the amount of glass by about 40%, which correspondingly reduces the weight of the curtain wall. Not only benefits the main structure design, but also energy saving.

 Product advantages

Chongqing Huakai Plastic Co., Ltd. has become the world's second and the China’s first qualified manufacturer of ionic interlayers.

Our products are produced domestically, compared with imported film

 there are several obvious advantages in terms of price, delivery and service.


Chongqing Huakai Plastic Co., Ltd., in order to solve the existing defects of the laminated glass using PVB film , break the monopoly of the ionic interlayer film in the domestic market, take the independent research and development route and set up the production and research base with South China Institute of Technology, and launch the H.K SGP ionic interlayer film, which has more excellent edge stability than PVB film, not only reduces the risk of autoclave ignition (no plasticizer), but also have more transparent rate with ultra-white glass, and more safer performance after laminated glass breakage;Compared with other imported film, our H,K SGP film has many advantages such as reasonable price, prompt delivery and good service.