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Color PVB film

Product introduction

Huakai company is a professional manufacturer which research, develop and produce PVB films. We have the most advanced production line, we can produce from raw materials to finished products, we can stable control product quality. Each volume product pass strict quality control, to reach 100% qualified rate. We can produce construction, automotive, photovoltaic, color, matte, bullet proof, and other high-end PVB films , Hua Kai enterprises pass the European national quality certification.

Huakai enterprise, in order to thanks for a long time  support and trust from old and new customer, all Hua Kai colored PVB films can be sold retail, which will help our customers to reduce cost.

Huakai bule on F green, green on F green, gray on F green films, can reduce glass raw material costs for customers, Huakai F green PVB films can replace original green glass, effectively reduce the cost.

Huakai enterprise will take you hands to create a better future 

Blue on F green PVB films productive process