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Huakai brand photovoltaic PVB and EVA film packaging films for photovoltaic modules not only plays the role of adhesive sealing, but also the quality and life of the solar cells plays a vital role, in a sense, EVA encapsulating film solar decide panels of life. The quality EVA encapsulation film also decided to raw materials, process formulations, production equipment. Sun-6 package film photovoltaic solar cells EVA dedicated use of imported raw materials, the world's leading production technology, production line imported key components configuration, therefore, to ensure that the product has a high transmittance, low shrinkage, UV aging resistance and good .


1) pay attention to moisture and dust, do not open the packaging of the film is exposed to air; cut into pieces of film if they can not run the same day should be covered tightly, prolonged exposure can affect the light transmittance and sticky Relay;

2) Due to the strong adsorption capacity of EVA film, easily contaminated, so to avoid contact with a colored or dirty objects. Points meet the best films wear gloves clean degreasing operation.