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Process and parameters of production folder glass products offer, use Huakai PVB film

1 when laminated glass is broken, the glass is thicker on the PVB film tension is greater, so must according to the glass thickness using the appropriate thickness of PVB, the phenomenon of degumming, rational use of PVB can reduce the bubble glass rebound. For PVB film plates and other special purpose can be customized.

2 basic requirements of glass thickness with PVB film

1) Suitable for 0.38mmPVB (3+3), (5+5), (6+6) of ordinary float glass.

2) 0.76mmPVB applied to (6+6) below the double tempered glass and float glass (8+8).

3) 1.14mmPVB for (8+8) double tempered glass and float glass (10+10).

4) 1.52mmPVB for (10+10) double tempered glass and float glass (12+12).

5) 1.90mmPVB for (12+12) double tempered glass and float glass (15+15).

6) Where the use of hot bending process of laminated glass using at least 0.76mm PVB.

Three, autoclave molding: the autoclave working temperature, pressure, time curve shown in Figure

Heating, cooling, autoclave pressure, pressure are usually equipped with automatic procedures do not adjust. If no automatic control manual, from a closed autoclave door after the first open filling, heating switch, when the temperature reaches to 70 ℃ before 0.6Mpa,pressure switch of the heating switch, and then open the heating switch until the heat preservation, packing the required temperature and pressure for pressure is 0.6Mpa,temperature 135 ℃ General requirements, the pressure 1.3Mpa, time 45-60 minutes. This can increase the stability and weather resistance of laminated glass. When the heat preservation, packing time to start to cool between 135 ℃ -70 ℃ cooling speed is not too fast, to take measures to keep the pressure in the kettle air does not decline during this period, after at least 50 minutes. Better put into the reactor cooling water 50%, all open cooling water at 70 ℃. Kettle temperature dropped to 40 ℃ after pressure relief, pressure relief time can slow down a bit, not because of rapid relief appear quality problem.

Four, PVB storage standard

1, good packaging of the product can be stored for 24 months at room temperature environment clean, to avoid direct sunlight, Yu Lin, water and corrosive gas.

2, the aluminum foil packing damage or is open, must be placed on the lamination room or meet the storage requirements of space, no longer than 60 days, should be placed in the ground more than 300 mm.

3, lamination room storage room to keep constant temperature, constant temperature, temperature was 18-22 ℃, humidity is between 25%-40%, the air quality in the 300000 level and above.

4, lamination room, storage room floor requires use of wood floor, thermal insulation, moisture resistance is better, if the conditions Limited customers also can use brush floor paint, prevent ground water caused by excessive humidity.