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Xinghua Holdings (Hongkong) Co., Ltd is Chinese special glass Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, with the China special glass Corporation, Guangzhou Xinghua Glass Industry Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Xinghua Glass Co., a Chinese, collectively known as the special glass group (hereinafter referred to as "Xing Hua Group").

Xinghua group was founded in 1994, with "Hing Wah" as the core brand, professional R & D, production and sales of a variety of bullet proof glass, anti smashing glass, fireproof glass, anti explosion glass, hollow glass, electronic photochromic glass and other special glass door, ATM tank, precious metal and showcase, craft glass, coated glass and other high-end decorative glass products. The group's products are widely used in financial institutions such as banks, armored cars, valuables trading places such as jewelry and so on, on the security requirements of the higher places such as high-grade villas, commercial buildings, military vehicles, special vehicle Refitting Factory, building decoration industry etc..
Good governance, open up ahead twenty years, as Chinese bulletproof glass pioneer Xinghua group has always been to cost, technology, scale leading competitive strategies, focusing on the Chinese security glass market. The total production area of the group has exceeded 160 thousand square meters, and has 26 sales agents in China, and has been in the domestic bulletproof glass market for the first time in many years.