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Building EVA film

Product introduction

Huakai EVA transparent laminated film

Product features

EVA glass film in the heat before the two surface are translucent film shallow, with excellent transparency and between glass produce very high bonding strength after curing in the heat. Doubling process can be applied to a variety of glass, such as embossed glass, tempered glass, bending glass, and laminated glass for architecture, laminated glass for decoration, anti-theft glass, plastic sandwich plate.

The advantages of EVA laminated glass film:

1. high transparency, high adhesion, impact resistance, good durability.

2. can resist high temperature, moisture, UV and so on, and can be used outdoors for a long time.

3. deposited at room temperature, and the adhesion of EVA is unaffected by moisture and water absorbing films.

4., compared with PVB, it has more sound insulation effects, especially high frequency sound effects.

5. low melting point, easy to flow.